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At Longevity Labs, we research and develop solutions that support a healthy lifestyle into old age. With joy and energy.

The human body is made of cells, which have to function perfectly in order to keep us young and healthy. However, they get damaged with time.
This is called “cellular aging”.

When we make bad lifestyle decisions - for example too much stress, not enough physical activity, an unbalanced diet; our cells get even more damaged and age faster. Fasting can neutralize and reverse the effects of cellular aging by switching on autophagy.

In 2016, a Noble Prize for Medicine and Physiology was awarded for the improvement of our understanding of autophagy.

Nowadays, we are capable to understand how our body cleans and protects itself from too much damage. By utilizing decades of excellent scientific and medical research, we were able to develop the first product to activate autophagy without fasting. Our product has been evaluated as safe and effective by clinical experts, physicians and some of the world's leading scientists in the field of aging.