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Proper cell function is responsible for staying healthy.

When cells get old and stop working, we get sick and weak.

With bad lifestyle our cells get even more damaged and age faster.


  • Fasting can neutralise and reverse the effects of cellular aging by switching on arecycling program in the cell.
  • This program is called autophagy.
  • Autophagy cleans the cell from within. This slows down aging and maintains health.
  • Autophagy also produces energy when there are no nutrients available. This supports everyday body function and health.

Fasting & autophagy activation reduce aging

One of the best studied ways to activate autophagy is regular fasting. By this means cells can. By fasting the amount of calories which our cells are provided with, is reduced and the cells are required to start the cellular autophagy. By this means , cells can produce energy by recycling old and damaged cellular parts whilst staying clean and healthy at the same time.