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The human body is made of cells, which have to function perfectly in order to keep us young and healthy. However, they get damaged with time. This is called “cellular aging”

To counteract cellular aging, we have developed SPERMIDINELIFE®

SPERMIDINELIFE® is the world's first naturally produced dietary supplement of "wheat germ extract with high a spermidine content"

The effectivness of SPERMIDINELIFE® has been tested in clinical trials
and is considered scientifically proven


SPERMIDINELIFE® supports you to keep your bodies cells young, pure and healthy for a long time.

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Our goal is to help you switch on autophagy regularly using natural substances and there by keep your cells young, clean and healthy for longer. This in turn rejuvenates your body and helps you maintain your body function at its best.


Fasting can neutralise and reverse the effects of cellular aging by switching on a recycling program in the cell.

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SpermidineLife is a plant-based nutritional supplement for health maintenance and body function support.

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