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How does our body age?

Human body loses youth and strength with time. This is mainly due to a loss of cellular function and slow but sure death of our cells. While we are young dead cells are replaced by younger ones, but when we are aging our body loses the ability to regenerate itself. This is the reason why cellular health is so important for the health of every organ of our body. Good cellular health helps to prevent many age-related diseases and slows down aging of the whole body.

How do cells get damaged?

Cells get damaged during the energy production in everyday situations. One of the main reasons for that are free radicals. These are the natural product of life processes in our body, but can also be produced when smoking cigarettes, drinking too much alcohol or by an unhealthy lifestyle.

However, our cells can recognize damage caused by free radicals and they are able to neutralize it by removing the damaged parts to a place where this damage cannot spread. At this point damaged parts of the cell are considered garbage, which accumulates with time and becomes a threat for the whole cell. This is one of the main aspects of aging.

Which bad habbits make our body older?

The Human body works like a clock. It is precise and very delicate. It can be influenced by both our lifestyle decisions and our genes. Additionally, there are many things that can accelerate the aging of our cells and our body:

  • An unbalanced diet – highly processed food which contains a lot of saturated fats and simple sugars can provide a lot of energy, but it is a very low quality of fuel for your cells. This creates unnecessary damage to your cells and organs and over time leads to faster aging and disease.
  • A lack of physical activity – sedentary lifestyle reduces the metabolic rate of your body, which results in storing instead of using energy.
  • A continuous high level of stress (at home and at work) – being exposed to too much stress for too long causes your organs to become overworked and your immune system gets exhausted. This reduces our body’s capacity to prevent and repair the damage that accumulates with time.
  • A lack of good sleep – not giving your body a chance to deal with daily stress and recharge during the night causes overload of the whole system. Your resistance to stress becomes reduced.
  • Cigarette smoking and alcohol abuse – high exposure to free radicals from cigarette smoke and from alcohol detoxification damages your cells from the inside.
  • Irregular or no fasting intervals at all – this reduces the amount of autophagy happening in your cells which slows down the removal of damaged molecules and prevents cellular repair in your body.

What is autophagy?

Our body can use damaged parts of the cell as a source of building blocks for new parts of the cell. At the same time, this process produces energy for the function of the cell. This is called autophagy. Autophagy helps our cells and our body to stay clean and healthy, while removing damage and producing energy. It is our own recycling mechanism that slows down the aging of our cells.

What is fasting?

Fasting is the most natural way to activate a cellular recycling program called autophagy. The lack of energy uptake through food motivates our cells to use alternative sources of energy – damaged parts of the cells. Damaged parts can be degraded while producing extra energy. Avoiding calories – not eating, for one day or longer is enough to activate autophagy.

How can we protect our body?

Sufficient physical activity, a well balanced diet and good sleep are often said to be good for your health. However, regular fasting rarely gets mentioned as a way to stay healthy for longer. This is because fasting takes a lot of discipline and focus. On the other side, it brings a lot of benefits to those who fast often and long enough – through autophagy activation.

What is spermidine?

Spermidine is a natural compound that our body produces to activate autophagy and keep its cells clean. You can find it also in vegetables and fruits, even in meat and cheese. One third of spermidine in our body is made in our cells. The rest comes through nutrition and the bacteria in our stomach. This is why targeted diet can help your body to start autophagy.

What kind of substance is spermidine?

Spermidine is a natural substance that can be found everywhere in the nature. It is a very small molecule, which helps it to travel to our body and reach organs that need it the most. Since our body cannot produce enough spermidine to protect itself from aging in long term, we have developed SpermidineLife – a plant extract that is rich in natural spermidine and several other substances that help your body to maintain good function of your organs.

Where can we find spermidine?

Spermidine can be found in fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese and even in every cell in our own body. However, its production in our cells decreases with time. This is why it is important that we take care of daily spermidine intake as we grow older. Although discovered very recently, this has motivated hunderds of scientists accross the world to use this substance for life span extension in the lab. With SpermidineLife, TLL The Longevity Labs brings the high-end medical research to you.

What difficultes can we prevent by using spermidine?

Effects of spermidine can vary depending on your current health. Spermidine enables the activation of autophagy, which takes care that our cells remain healthy. Healthy cells, in turn, ensure a good function of our organs – for example heart or brain. Newest research also shows that spermidine helps immune system recognize threats, which prevents unnecessary damage to our organs and health. This keeps our body in its natural, healthy state.

What is the best way to activate autophagy?

The best way to activate autophagy is fasting. However, it is hard to include fasting in our busy lifestyle. It is even harder to adapt it to our social routines and family life. The solution to this challenge lies in different natural subtances that enable autophagy activation without fasting. Spermidine, the main component in SpermidineLife, is one of such substance. In fact, it is the only one that was shown to be produced by our own body, activate autophagy and prolong life span by 20-25%.

Do we know some side effects by using spermidine?

Currently, there are no known side effects of spermidine. Several trials on this topics have been conducted and results have supported our body's tolerance to this natural compound. Our body produces this substance itslef and uses it to help damage removal after stress in its natural way – through autophagy.