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The human body is made of cells, which have to function perfectly in order to keep us young and healthy. However, they get damaged with time - which can also be referred to as cellular aging.


When we make bad lifestyle decisions - for example too much stress, not enough physical activity, unbalanced diet; our cells get even more damage and age faster. Fasting can neutralize and reverse the effects of cellular aging by switching on autophagy.

In 2016, a Noble Prize for Medicine and Physiology was awarded for the improvement of our understanding of autophagy. Now, we are capable to understand how our body cleans and protects ​itself from too much damage. By utilizing decades of excellent scientific and medical research, we were able to develop the first product to activate autophagy without fasting. While our product has been evaluated to be safe and effective by clinical professionals, medical doctors and some of the leading scientists in the field of aging and rejuvenation, it is still being further develop to suit your needs perfectly.

Our goal is to help you switch on autophagy regularly using natural substances and there by keep your cells young, clean and healthy for longer. This in turn rejuvenates your body and helps you maintain your body function at its best.

It is based on the characteristics of a substance called spermidine found in wheat germs. We use the plant-derived spermidine from wheat germs to switch on autophagy while avoiding fasting. This way you get to enjoy your meals and stay healthy at the same time. This is all thanks to the protection of your cells by recycling "molecular waste" into useful building blocks necessary for your body's best performance. This could positively affect your thinking, memory & sleep quality, but on a long term it could also reduce your risk of experiencing difficulties that come with an advanced age.

Spermidine a natural substance found in different plants and in every cell in the human body. It is an alternative approach to fasting, as a way to activate autophagy. It has been proven in several scientific studies, that this substance can prolong the life span and improve health.

Health one of the main determinants of the aging process in humans. A clean cell is a healthy cell and therefore ages slower. Taking care of cellular health by proper nutrition, physical activity and stress reduction is crucial for healthy aging.

Power Of
Wheat Germ partly based on a high content of spermidine. Therefore, we have developed a new wheat-germ-based formula that can mimic the cellular effects of fasting through the activation of autophagy. This way you can take care of your cellular hygiene in your everyday routine.


...has been focused on autophagy and its influence on cellular health for three decades now. This resulted in the Noble Prize for Medicine and Physiology in 2016 going to autophagy scientist - Prof. Ohsumi from the University of Tokyo for explaining the regulation of cellular autophagy.

Autophagy a cellular recycling program that allows removal of damaged cell parts and thereby cleans the cell from molecular waste. It also produces energy that is necessary for everyday body function and health.

Against Aging

...through the activation of autophagy, has been known for decades. However, fasting also improves your health while keeping you young. Its effects can improve both heart & brain function.


Fasting & Autophagy Activation Reduce Aging

One of the best studied ways to activate autophagy is regular fasting. By reducing the amount of calories our cells are provided with, fasting makes it necessary to start cellular autophagy. This way, cells can produce energy by recycling old and damaged cellular parts whilst staying clean and healthy at the same time.

Spermidine Mimics The Benefits Of Fasting

This substance, found in all living organisms, is another natural way of activating autophagy besides fasting. Since it is found in every cell, it is important to maintain the right level of spermidine for the cell to stay healthy and young. It is the only natural substance that can do so without any known side-effects.

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While we have already completed the safety and effectiveness evaluation of our product, we are currently adapting it for your everyday use. We could use your help for this. If you are interested to be one of the first to use our product, we want to hear from you. Simply send us an email and we will respond soon after with the next steps.


The First Supplement to Improve Cellular Health by Activating Autophagy


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